“THE LIST” returns, Wednesday night April 27, 2016

Story by: Tom McCarthy/Digital Image Now

The List: How bad is your bad azz street car?

Starting on Wednesday night, April 27, 2016 and running every Wednesday night throughout the season, New England Dragway will be hosting racers with their street cars looking for a spot on “The List.”


Mike Nelson of NH is a key racer with The List, he’s the go-to guy and a valued liaison between the racers and the race track. Photo © 2015 Tom McCarthy, Digital Image Now

What exactly is the list you ponder?  It’s a running list of the quickest, baddest street type drag cars in New England.  The List is a top ten accounting of street legal, registered, inspected street cars with a decided drag-car type attitude, who wish to race on the drag strip and see who’s got the quickest, baddest street type car.

There’s no purse from the track, no trophies; this is about bragging rights and respect within the street type drag-car community.

Side bets settled among the racers; well sometimes that’s just racing.   Better to race on the track than on the street any day.

The score boards are turned off for “The List” so no one can see your times.  No time slips are handed out, no one really knows just how quick or bad your ride really is.

The List began in the spring of 2015 at New England Dragway, in Epping, NH with a concerted effort by Ron Heath the track Race Director.  Ron spearheaded the creation and implementation of the class with the support of New England Dragway staff and a handful of dedicated street racers with an eye on safe organized drag racing.

During the April/May time frame as the class began on Wednesday nights, it was decided that The List would run on the second and fourth Wednesday night of each month, last year.

Now the list runs every Wednesday night with Super Street class beginning on April 27, 2016 and Outlaw Street starting on May 4th.   Then the two classes will alternate each week throughout the season.

Basic rules included a $20 entry fee, for the car and driver.  Heads up racing, no-prep, instant green, no score boards, no time slips, and first car to the stripe at 1/8th mile wins.

“The List” is a list of the ten quickest street legal cars that match race at NED with the score boards turned off.  To call out or enter The List, a contestant must have a valid, street legal car that is registered and inspected.

Cars driven to the track are valid in Super Street.  Cars that meet the class specifications for Outlaw Street can be trailered to the track.

Being street legal includes: DOT tires, mufflers, in street legal trim as inspected by the DMV.

“Call outs” are fast cats looking to nudge into a spot on “The List.”  All newcomers start at the bottom by calling out #10 and once that position is earned, a racer can “call out” up to two places above to advance up The List.  There are more rules, but these were the basics at the inception of The List.

The response to this program was amazing in 2015.  People on line and through social media hit counters generated over 10,000 hits in no time indicating to NED staff that this was going to generate real interest and it did.  In fact the results were excellent.  A week night with a weak pulse suddenly came to life.

Joe Brooks of NH was number 1 on The List for 2015, he will be back in competition this year. Photo © 2015 Tom McCarthy, Digital Image Now

Joe Brooks of NH was number 1 on The List for 2015, he will be back in competition this year. Photo © 2015 Tom McCarthy, Digital Image Now

While The List began in 2015 as a simple list of the quickest street type cars match racing one another with the boards off, in 2016, there will be two versions of The List.  They do not run on the same night, but alternate every week.

Super Street cars must be driven to the track, must have a valid current plate, inspection sticker, have a full factory interior, factory glass and there are other requirements, so if you want in on The List, consult the rules on the New England Dragway website.

Outlaw Street cars can be trailered to the track, can run racing gas, and again, there are a bunch of rules to abide by, so of you have a bad azz car and you are ready to run with the big dogs, consult the rules and show up on a Wednesday night.

Beginning April 27, 2016, the LIST season will begin with Super Street and on May 4, the Outlaw Street cars will begin.  Each class will run alternating weeks, so if you’re headed to New England Dragway to see how bad your hot rod is, be sure to read the rules first and check to see which class is running during the week you choose to attend.

Got yourself a bad street car? Bring it!

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