New England No Time

New England No Time will hold its first-ever “No Time” race at New England Dragway this Saturday, September 23.  Two classes will be featured; Street and Outlaw.  Street entries are limited to registered and insured cars with VIN’s that match their registration.  Tires can go up to a maximum of 29.5X10.5 non W.  Cars must retain factory glass throughout and have a stock style dash, two front seats, mufflers.  Wheelie bars are not allowed.

 Outlaw competition is for all door cars that do not meet Street Class rules.  Outlaw cars must be street appearing.  Altereds, Pro Mods, tube chassis or fiberglass body cars cannot enter the category.  Cars must still have a factory appearing dash and working lights.

 Format for both classes is an eighth mile, “heads-up”, instant green race.  As with the name, No Time will appear on the scoreboard, timeslips or webcast.  First car to the finish line wins

New England No Time is getting help from its sponsors SD Concepts, Slowhawk Performance, Irate Racing and Accurate Transmission.  More information can be found on Facebook by searching for “New England No Time”, which will include future event information, as well as complete updates and media content from the September 23 race

New England Dragway appreciates the time and effort Mikel Miranda, owner of Mikel Visual to bring this exciting class of racing to Epping.

Sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)