A new purse structure and entry fees for Super Pro and Pro competitors are among the items that will change for the 2014 season.  The move comes after several months of meetings between members of Super Pro, Pro, Street eliminator, and members of the New England Dragway Board of Directors.  Racers in Super Pro and Pro will also see a reduction in the buyback entry fee for 2014.  Serving on the committee were Ray Knight, Ted Mazotta, Joe Henderson, Dennis Leblanc, Paul Lorenti, Steve George, and Tom Boucher. 


“After several meetings the ideas were submitted to management for comments and approval. After some back and forth over the phone and through e-mails a final meeting was held, which included General Manager Joe Lombardo. Everyone is in agreement that these changes need to take place to keep New England Dragway on track to be a viable business and racing destination for racers in the future,” said New England Dragway Race Director Ron Heath.



The following are changes that have become effective for the 2014 Racing Season:


  • Overnight entry will no longer carry a price tag. If you arrive before 9 pm on a Friday night or before 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon you will need to purchase spectator tickets to enter the facility. Entry after hours will be no charge. All credentials for the next day will be available for purchase at the credentials building. All racers, crew, and spectators will be required to wear a wristband on Saturdays and Sundays for 2014. This will be policed throughout the day and strictly enforced.

  • Reserved Pit Parking will be available for the 2014 racing season. For a $100.00 fee you can reserve a pit spot that will be there for you on every New England Dragway produced event. All reserved spots will be located in the upper pit area and marked accordingly. Racers mistakenly parking in a reserved spot will be forced to move. Vehicles, trailers, equipment will still need to be moved for certain events such as, NHRA races, Dragmania, and Hot Rod Reunion.

  • Pairing will no longer occur in the staging lanes when cars are not on a ladder. You will be considered a pair once you cross the top of staging as in past years. The number of cars above the top of staging line may be limited to maintain order.

  • Super Pro and Pro entry fees will be raised $10.00; $60.00 for point’s members and $65.00 for non-point’s members. One hundred percent of the extra $10.00 charge will be applied directly to the purse. Buy backs will be reduced to $30.00, one third of the buy back amount will be paid back to racers earning payouts. The new purse structure will see payouts starting with a 4th round loss. Payouts will be : $1500 for Win, $750 for R/U, $350 for Semi and $75 round money starting with a 4th  round loss. Round money is not paid for Semi, R/U, and Winner. Purse is pro-rated based on 100 cars. These changes will be evaluated throughout the season and revisited by the committee at the end of the season.

  • Single day purse sponsors are available. New England Dragway will retain 5% of purse sponsorship with the remaining 95% being applied to the purse to be distributed evenly among all monetary positions. Purse sponsors will receive recognition on the day they choose to sponsor a particular category.


“This was a collaborative effort that took time and patience,” states Joe Lombardo.  “These changes cover a broad range of topics that provide benefits for the entire racing community.  I appreciate the dedication of the committee.”



Opening Day Countdown


Sat Mar 21 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
NHRA Chassis Certifications. By appointment only.
Sun Mar 22 @ 8:00AM - 12:00PM
NHRA Chassis Certifications. By appointment only.

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