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    Night of Fire July 18, 2015

    presented by AAA Northern New England, New England Ford Dealers, and NAPA Auto Parts

    Featuring: Jet Funny Cars, Wheelstander, Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars, Alcohol Funny Cars, A/Fuel Dragsters, Fireworks.

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IMG_7012 2015 Brings a new class structure and some new classes to New England    Dragway produced Nostalgia events. With input from the clubs that present our events, the  goal was to align the class structure to mirror some of the classes run at the NHRA Hot Rod  Reunion race on August 28-30, 2015 in order to make an easier transition to compete in all    events under the same class structure.

The following is an outline of the new class structure. All NHRA and New England Dragway safety rules and required safety equipment apply.
Pro Tree, No- Delay Boxes or down track throttle stops. (Electronic and Air shifters allowed)

PRO 7.0 Index – ’72 and older Front Engine Dragsters, Altereds, Funny Cars (Similar to NHRA NE I)

PRO 7.50 Index – ’72 and older Front Engine Dragsters, Altereds, Funny Cars (Similar to NHRA NE II)

PRO Index – 8.00, 8.50, 9.00, 9.50, 10.00 indexes -1972 & older door slammers Front Engine Dragsters,             Altereds, Funny Cars or Roadsters (Like Index run each other then handicap tree)

Full Tree – No Electronics, Handicap Tree

East Coast Flat Head
– Racers Race cars w/Flathead V8, Inline 4 or 6 cylinder engine.  (All Run Bracket Race)

  Hot Rod Eliminator – ’72 and earlier 9.99 & Up (All Run Bracket Race) No Delay  boxes, or Transbrakes.

  Street Machine Eliminator – ’72 and earlier  9.99 & Up  (All Run Bracket Race) Must be                                       streetable/inspectable. DOT drag tires, open headers, rev limiters, and line locks okay.

  Full Tree – Electronics Allowed, Handicap Tree

  Comp Eliminator  (All Run Bracket Race)

   Full Tree – Run Only  (Test & Tune)

Indy Auto Parts Super ProSuper

W: Joey Wallis (’13 DPRC) – 7.457, 172.28 (7.44 dial).

R/U: Wesley Stevens (’93 Neil & Parks) – 8.289, 164.89 (8.25 dial).

Semi’s: Zac Biron.


A&B Tire ProPro

W: Chris Rice (’66 Nova) – 10.465, 127.64 (10.46 dial).

R/U: Jared Kinson (’68 Camaro) – 9.666, 140.72 (9.66 dial).

Semi’s: David Gibbons Jr; Thomas Wolcott.


Tim’s Speed & Custom StreetStreet

W: Dave Nadeau (’00 Camaro) – 12.535, 106.45 (12.55 dial).

R/U: F Scott Kihir (’70 Malibu) – 11.752, 112.35 (11.77 dial).

Semi’s: Cameron Murray.



W: John Civitarese (’00 Kawasaki) – 8.422, 144.32 (8.37 dial).

R/U: Christopher Pratt (’82 Suzuki) – 8.926, 144.75 (8.93 dial).

Semi’s: Tyler Wilkerson; Sam Hurwitz.


East Coast Outdoor Power Equipment Jr Dragster AJr A

W: Mary Sparago (’07 Halfscale) – 8.021, 80.63 (7.96 dial).

R/U: Olivia Karaguezian (’04 Halfscale) – 8.050, 80.82 (8.00 dial).

Semi’s: Tyler Christopher.


Jr B

East Coast Outdoor Power Equipment Jr Dragster B

W: Chris Khoury (’00 Dragster) – 11.950, 50.54 (11.94 dial).

R/U: Kaylee Genualdo (’01 Jegs) – 11.970, 52.89 (11.95 dial).

Semi’s: Kyle Rice.


East Coast Outdoor Power Equipment Jr Dragster Consolation RaceJr Consolation

W: Cameron Murray (’05 KCS) – 8.178, 75.39 (8.10 dial).

R/U: Chantel Gaboriault (’04 BARRS) – 7.934, 79.38 (7.90 dial).

Semi’s: Kyle Murray.


Ed’s Bachelor Party

W: Dan Caissie (’87 Mustang) – 11.610, 116.33 (11.60 dial).

R/U: Brandon Karaguezian (’78 Malibu) – foul.

Semi’s: John Lehoullier.

$1000 Guaranteed to Win in Indy Auto Parts Super Pro

The race originally scheduled for 7/11 has been rescheduled to 7/26 because of a conflict with other races, and another $1K guaranteed to win Super Pro has been added on 8/22

Sponsors:   Southern NH Undercar, Power Technologies, Burkland Homes, and Kenwood Auto

Dates:   7/5, 7/26,  8/09,  8/22, and  8/23


Due to events seen at the last running of “THE LIST” an additional rule will be put in place for all future “THE LIST” races.

A racer may not progress up “THE LIST” by more than two positions by virtue of no shows in one night. We feel this is necessary in the spirit of competition after witnessing racers jumping seven positions because of broken cars and no shows. This will allow those experiencing problems a little more time to defend their position. Jumping up “THE LIST” by taking the tree and strolling down the track is not the way to earn your position on “THE LIST” and against all principles in the spirit of competition.

In speaking of defending positions, questions came about recently as to why the #10 position could not call out the #9 position before a challenger could race #10. If that was allowed and the number #9 position lost and moved to number #10 he is then forced to race the challenger that has won the run off races. This means he is forced to defend his position twice in one night. The rules state a second run off must be mutually agreed upon and in that circumstance there is no choice on the second run off between #10 and the challenger, that race has to happen unless there are no challengers. No racer present can be required to defend their position more than once in one night unless mutually agreed.

Next running of “THE LIST” will be Wednesday July 8, 2015

The List 6-25

Rotary Engine Rule Updates

Important Update for racers using Rotary Engines.New england Dragway
As outlined in the 2015 NHRA Rule Book 13.49 or quicker you must have an SFI 1.1 1.2 Flywheel and Clutch. Additionally 11.49 or quicker rotary engine cars must have a flywheel shield. For futher details and info refer the 2015 NHRA Rule Book.

2015 NHRA General Regulations

He is what many call a racing machine, A&B Tire Pro Eliminator Champion Mark Winterbottom.

Putting together a championship drive is tough.   Ask anyone who was lucky enough to come out onWinterbottom 2 top and they likely will tell you it’s a daunting task.  That isn’t lost on Mark Winterbottom.  But, to see him week in and week out you wonder if ever fazes.  He is what many call a racing machine.  Mark captured his 9th A&B Tire Pro Eliminator championship this year in dramatic fashion.  Yet, even when he was locked into a tight, four-way battle with brothers Jared Kinson and Jason Mazzotta, and long time friend Joe Silva, Mark kept his cool.

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A Tale of Two Knights

New England Dragway Ray Knight

It doesn’t come as a startling revelation that capturing a championship in any category at New England Dragway is the result of determination, skill and hard work.  This year’s Indy Auto Parts Super Pro Champion Ray Knight is the epitome of those attributes.  Ray has been part of the New England Dragway racing community for decades, recognized by his peers as one of the toughest drivers on the track.  But, if you ask him about the most thrilling aspect of this year’s hard fought battle you will not hear stories about margins of victories measuring in the ten-thousandths or near perfect reaction times.  Instead he will tell you it’s the opportunity to share the podium with his son Steven who captured the E.C.O.P.E. Junior Dragster crown.

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Lucas Oil continues its commitment to NHRA Sportsman racing.

Lucas Oil continues its commitment to NHRA Sportsman racing as the sponsor of the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series.  “Having come through the Sportsman ranks myself, I know how important it is to have the support you need to compete,” said Morgan Lucas of Lucas Oil Products. “These are our people, these are our customers.

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2015 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Schedule Released

Glendora, CA

The NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series returns for a 14th season with premier events taking place across the country in all seven NHRA divisions it was announced today by NHRA officials. The 2015 schedule will feature 45 divisional events with a minimum of six in each of the seven divisions. There will also be 25 regional events featuring the 260-mph Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car classes.

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