This Saturday marks the halfway point with race #8 in the 2017 VP Race Fuels ET Series. At the conclusion of racing there will be a King of the Track Shootout between the top 2 points holders through Saturday’s racing in Red’s Shoe Barn Super Pro, A&B Tire Pro, Tim’s Speed and Custom Street, and MOMS Motorcycle/Snowmobile.

Your last round of competition reaction time during Saturday’s eliminations will be used to create a ladder.

10 minutes cool down time between rounds of this race.

Cross Talk will be turned on for Super Pro racers.

Cross Talk will be off for Pro, Street, and Motorcycle/Snowmobile.

If a competitor opts out of running the next lower points position will be offered the chance to run for the King of the Track “Wally”

Winner will receive Summit NHRA King of the Track Winner hat, banner, special edition “Wally” trophy, and a custom leather King of the Track leather jacket presented at the 2017 Awards Banquet.

Runner-up and Semi-finalists receive an NHRA Summit King of the Track Hat.


9-year-old Aidan Baker and his "Cookie Monster" dragster

9-year-old Aidan Baker and his "Cookie Monster" dragster

July 1, 2017

By Hope Weaver (

Aidan Baker was the talk of the town, known as the nine-year-old junior racer who had a 0.000 second reaction time at the NHRA New England Nationals last month at the New England Dragway in front of thousands of race fans. With a perfect run, he caught the eye of Mello Yellow Series drivers including sixteen-time Funny Car champ John Force and Aidan’s favorite racer, Top Fuel driver, Leah Pritchett. We caught up with Aidan and his parents to ask what everyone’s been wondering: Where did that kid come from?

Turns out, the junior drag racer from Cumberland, Rhode Island isn’t from a racing family; his parents aren’t even mechanics. Aidan’s interest in racing came from a family friend, who Aidan calls his Uncle, when he invited the family down to New Jersey to see him race. By the end of the weekend, Aidan had made ithis goal to get behind the wheel himself.

Brian Baker says he didn’t know anything about cars or racing; he can’t even change the oil on his own car, but he made a deal with his son: get your grades up and we’ll try it. Ever since then, Aidan’s grades have been up and his parents haven’t been able to get him out of the car. In his last five races, he’s brought his Cookie Monster junior dragster, named after his first stuffed animal and his love for cookies, to the final round three times.

Aidan and his family call New England Dragway their home drag strip. “It’s the funnest place to drive,” he added. Brian has become Aidan’s crew chief and he and his wife are hooked and love seeing how happy their son is when he’s racing. And while there aren’t many weekends the Bakers aren’t racing, when not at the drag strip, Aidan likes to ride his bike. “I like to be on four wheels or two wheels, just not two wheels when I’m going 100 miles per hour,” he smiles.

When asked if he brings his friends to watch him race and what they think, he replied like a pro, “I only usually bring friends (to the track) on test and tune days.” Other days, he’s training. But he admits, “Most of them are jealous.”

Aidan posted a 0.002 second reaction time during this weekend’s test and tune and is determined to be behind the wheel as much as he can. When asked where he wants to go with this racing thing, he replied, “I want to drive top fuel.”

By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.

Independence day is a good time to think who we are and how we got here.

This is the land of the free because of the brave.

God bless our country!

Effective immediately, (6/30/17) After hours pit parking will be $10 per car load to enter the pits after normal gate times on Friday, and Saturdays. This will also include rain outs. if we are rained out on a Friday or Saturday the pit gate will be open for overnight racer parking for $10 per Car/Motorhome/Truck load. This policy is in place for all New England Dragway produced events.

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