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Please note after you purchase your sticker from the online store you must download 2017 Auxiliary Pit Vehicle form which must be filled out and submitted to New England Dragway before your sticker will be issued.

Click image to purchase.

Forms and stickers available at the track office during normal business hours or at the credentials building on race day’s.

New Sponsors Join Menards Chevy Show Series for 2017

WACO, Texas (March 7, 2017) – When a group of track owners and operators decided to get together and purchase and then produce a car show series in 2009, they wanted to host the best events possible. They secured the best locations in the country and got to work hosting a national car show and drag racing series.

They didn’t imagine, however, that by 2017 they would be dealing with new title rights, exploding TV ratings and new host locations all at the same time. On the strength of the growing TV audience from the first two years, the owners have sold the title rights and the Menards Chevy Show series will be bringing the popular car show, drag race, and swap meet live events to 12 cities across the U.S. in 2017. Millions more will be watching the best car show series on Velocity TV.

“When we bought the Chevy Show series in 2009 we were just trying to bring back one of the premier car show events and make them big regional affairs,” Lex Dudas, General Manager of Maple Grove Raceway and the series President, said. “We really didn’t know it would become so popular on TV when we added the Menards Chevy Series in 2015, but this is what people want. They want to see the best show cars in the country and the Menards Chevy Show series is the event that brings out the best cars.”

The Menards Chevy Show series welcomes two new sponsors for 2017.  Gunk HDC32 cleaner from RSC Brands, and Moonshine Sweet Tea have both joined the series as sponsors and will receive exposure at all events as well as on the Menards Chevy Show series TV show broadcast on the Velocity network this fall.

Nielsen ratings from 2016 showed a 12% increase for the Menards Chevy Series TV show compared to the previous season. A total audience of 2.34 million viewers watched the series on the Velocity channel.

“Having a great automotive show to watch on Saturday mornings in the fall and early winter months works out great for automotive enthusiasts,” Dudas said. “So many of the people that enjoy restoring their show cars or working on drag cars spend Saturday mornings in the off season in a shop working on their pride and joy and watching their favorite shows.”

The two new series sponsors both appreciate the automotive enthusiast audience and saw the events and TV show as a way to connect through retail partner Menards. RSC Brands, maker of the Gunk product line, has had many products in Menards stores for years and the series provided a promotion to add the HDC32 degreaser cleaner in all 300 stores throughout the Midwest. Joining Gunk in the aisles at Menards and on the series TV show for the 2017 season will be Moonshine Sweet Tea.

The popular bottled tea flavors from Moonshine Sweet Tea are being sold at Menards starting this spring.

About the Menards Chevy Show Series

The Menards Chevy Show is the premier national touring series for Chevrolet enthusiasts.  It hosts twelve events throughout the U.S. featuring a car show, drag race, and swap meet format which offers something for everyone from high-powered Chevy racing action to spectacular show cars at top motorsports venues.


Menards Chevy Show                                                          2017 Schedule

Virginia Motorsports Park (Petersburg, VA)                         May 19-21
Texas Motorplex (Dallas, TX)                                                   June 3
*Thunder Valley Raceway Park (Oklahoma City, OK)        June 24
Maple Grove Raceway (Reading, PA)                                     July 14-16
Bandimere Speedway (Denver, CO)                                       Aug 13
*Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park (Phoenix, AZ)            Sept 2
New England Dragway (Epping, NH)                                    Sept 8-10
Bristol Dragway (Bristol, TN)                                                  Sept 8-10
Auto Club Famoso Raceway (Bakersfield, CA)                    Sept 16-17
Heartland Park (Topeka, KS)                                                  Oct 7
Gateway Motorsports Park (St. Louis, MO)                         Oct 13-14
Thunder Road Raceway (Shreveport, LA)                            Nov 11

* New for 2017!

NHRA has increased the cost of obtaining a Sportsman (Blue) Chassis tag by $10.00 for 2017

The cost will now be $160.00 to NHRA. A sportsman tag is good for 3 years.

There are only 5 appointments left for the certification session on April 2, 2017.

Next available certs at New England Dragway will be at the Divisional race in July.

The 2017 racing season will see a new timing system program in operation at all bracket racing events. TruStart will calculate which racer has the worst red light and awards the win to the competitor with the less flagrant violation. The win light will not be displayed until both cars have left the starting line. Compulink’s description of the system follows:

The Reaction Times in TruSTART mode start with the FIRST Amber, so a Racer can get up to a -1.500 R/T. Leaving earlier than the 1st Amber will result in the R/T showing ‘LBlA’ . Non TruSTART mode still starts the R/T at the 3rd Amber, and leaving before that will show a ‘LB3A’ .

Compulink TruSTART will display RED Lights for BOTH competitors both in Time Trials and Eliminations. Time Trials/Qualifying work the same as ‘normal’ , with 2 exceptions …….

1 .. Announcer Screen and scoreboards will not display Reaction Times until BOTH Cars leave.

2 .. If one car leaves and the second car is ‘late’, the GREEN/RED status of the first car leaving will not reveal until the second car leaves. The first leaving car will always count down AMBER, AMBER, AMBER, GREEN regardless of the actual GREEN/RED status of that car in order to hide a possible RED Light. Note that this is the same in both Time Trials and Eliminations. After both cars have left the Start Line, the actual GREEN/RED status of both cars will be shown.

Eliminations work the same as Time Trials/Qualifying as above. Slower car will always count down AMBER, AMBER, AMBER, GREEN in order to hide a possible RED Light to the faster car. When the faster car leaves, both sides of the Tree will then display the actual GREEN/RED status of each lane. If two RED lights were to occur, then the lesser of the two REDS will receive the instant WIN Light.

Run scenarios:

2 Cars    GREEN    Race as ‘normal’

1 Car       RED         Non-RED car receives the instant WIN

2 Cars     RED         Lesser of the two REDS receives instant WIN

Congratulations to the 2016 VP Racing Fuels ET Series Champions

Congratulations to the 2016 Outlaw 10.5 Series Champions

2016 “THE LIST” Final Results

Congratulations to Joe Brooks and Greg Kordis! They will hold the the #1 spot until the 2017 Season kicks off.

2015 VP Racing Fuels ET Series Champions

2015 Outlaw 10.5 Series Champions

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