7.0 Pro Rules Clarification

7.0 Pro

All competitors wishing to compete in 7.0 Pro for the remainder of the season need to check  the NHRA Heritage Series rules, which were put in place when the class first emerged.  It includes:

THROTTLE:  Throttle control must be manually operated by driver’s foot: Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A mechanical device for controlling engine rpm during burnouts may be attached to the injector or throttle linkage but may not be driver-controlled.

IGNITION:  Single magneto or single coil ignition only. Mag advance or retard must be function of the driver. No digital or programmable ignitions allowed. Single overrev rpm chip box allowed.

For a complete breakdown of the class rules racers are encouraged to visit the NHRA Heritage Series website.

Sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)