2018 Winter Parking

2018 Winter Parking applications are now available. CLICK HERE

*NOTE TO RACERS CURRENTLY PARKED INSIDE THE FACILITY: All RV’s, race vehicles or trailers must be removed from the property by the time of track closing on October 29, 2017. PLEASE NOTE: If October 29, 2017 is weather affected you should plan accordingly. You must make arrangements to park your vehicles/property off site. Vehicle(s) and/or property ARE NOT ALLOWED to be left at the Castles at Brentwood at any time. Any equipment or personal property left at the Castles at Brentwood will be towed immediately by the police at the owner’s expense. Those wishing to store their vehicles, etc. for the winter should read the below application, complete the form and turn it into Credentials.

Winter Storage: Winter Storage space is available to anyone wishing to store their trailers, cars, boats, motor homes, etc. (hereafter referred to as equipment or vehicle). Failure to comply with this procedure may result in the equipment being towed from the facility at the owner’s expense. All equipment that remains on the property for winter storage must be parked in the designated area. A fee of $200 will be charged for the first trailer/mh/etc parked in winter storage. Each additional vehicle/trailer/etc. will be charged $100 per vehicle. All equipment will be issued a Pit Parking Permit and must have the permit clearly displayed on the equipment left inside the facility. (Example of Fee: Car Trailer Fee $200, Car Trailer & Motorhome $300)
No vehicle may be left on New England Dragway property unless a winter storage parking application & acknowledgement has been signed and is on file for the current season. This provision includes, but is not limited to race cars, trailers, RV’s, two, three or four-wheeled pit or tow vehicles and golf carts. No chairs, couches, tables, etc. are allowed to be left on the property unless it is secured inside an enclosed trailer and must not be visible.
At the conclusion of the race season only vehicles that are registered for winter storage will be allowed to remain on New England Dragway, Inc. property. New England Dragway, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the security or safekeeping of any vehicle, or personal property left on its property.
Any vehicle left on the premises of New England Dragway is left at the owner’s risk. New England Dragway, Inc. will not be responsible for any loss to any equipment, or other personal property that is left on New England Dragway property, be it from fire, theft, vandalism, act of nature, or the alleged negligence of New England Dragway, Inc. The owner of any equipment left at New England Dragway, agrees to indemnify and hold New England Dragway, Inc., harmless from any claims arising from the presence of the vehicle, trailer or other personal property at New England Dragway.
The owner(s) may check on their equipment during normal office hours only. It is strongly encouraged that any equipment left for winter storage remains in storage until the end of the storage season. If any equipment needs to be removed prior to that time, the owner will be responsible for any cost(s) incurred by New England Dragway, Inc. associated with removal of the equipment (i.e. snow removal, labor, etc.). All equipment must be removed from the winter storage area by April 1, 2018. NOTE: At the discretion of New England Dragway management, violations of these policies will result in the revocation of parking privileges for a period of (1) one year.
“I understand and agree to comply with the above conditions for parking on New England Dragway, Inc., property.”

Sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA)